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Enjoy our virtual Day 2 of GOASIcon 2022

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Virtual Con Schedule
  • 1 pm – Sebastian Bonetart: Live Drawing
  • 2:30 pm – How Do You Do It?: Running GOASIcon
  • 3:30 pm – Pros and Cons of Podcasting by Jump Entertainment
  • 4:30 pm – Black Fae Day Q&A
Going to conventions (cons) or events can be fun, but it could be stressful at times. To make the most out of cons, we will talk about what to do before, during, & after cons, as well as tips & tricks to make the convention experience a great one.

Panelist: Dean Patrick Aquino

Exploration and conversation of People of color in the fantasy. Along with how @blackfaedayofficial brought a great shift in how people view Fae and fantasy in Black Culture.

*this panel was inspired by @blackfaedayofficial*

Panelist: Najah A, Cheyenne C. and Stephanie L.

Refresh and strengthen your body to prepare for your next missions at the con! The Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps will guide you through stretching and Breath Training, reflex tests, and full-body training that is accessible to all ages and abilities.

Panelist: Trinity W., Alicia B. and Isabella A.

Are you interested in a career in games, thinking about going to college, or both? The EGD Collective is a nonprofit organization that aims to close the gaps in higher education and the games industry. Hear what recent graduates had to say about their college experience, landing their first game job or internship, and how games can lead to different career paths. You will also learn about the services available to you to help you get through college, and why it’s an exciting time to study games in NYC.

Panelist:  Kyra Wills-Umdenstock , Ben Reuben, Emmanuel Conteras, and Anthony Melendez from the @egdcollective

Anime, Comic Books, video games and pop culture come to life through cosplay. However, often times cosplay can just been see as a fun an creative way for people to express themselves and nothing more. Let’s have a conversation about how not only cosplay, but creativity can affect our mental health from mental health professionals and those who have experience with mental health.

Panelist: Ashanti Boston, Krystle Kettle, and Stephanie L.