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A Weeb with a Dream

Geek Out At Snug Harbor was started by Najah Abdul-Qawiyy, the Arts and Culture Director of Muslim Sisters of Staten Island in July 2019. However, before Najah created this project or joined Muslim Sisters of Staten Island in 2014; she was just a weeb with a dream. Najah had always dream of going to conventions back in high school. However, was always unable to go because of the distance and or expensive prices of convention tickets. Therefore, she had always wished for a convention to be in her hometown of Staten Island, NY. After she had graduated high school in 2013; Najah started developing a plan to obtain information and resources to start her own anime convention on Staten Island. As year had past, Najah realized that her idea for the convention was not completely what she wanted. She wanted a convention that allowed all aspects of her geekiness to be shown, not just her love for anime. Therefore, she did research on sci-fi conventions, book conventions, art conventions and other geek related conventions until she eventually developed the idea for Geek Out At Snug Harbor.
Najah wanted to create a convention that people can be comfortable coming to no matter their interests. A place where attendees can learn new skills, like how make their own cosplay or how to paint. Where they can educate themselves and their loved ones on their passion. To support local artists and business owners to create further community support. Along with providing a great support system and fun for a low cost compared to other bigger conventions. Geek Out At Snug Harbor was not just a convention made for when Najah was a teenage but a convention made for everyone of all ages and passions.

That is why the purpose of this convention is to create a unique outlook and dialogue on geek culture from diverse perspectives and to bridge the gap between art and culture experiences, and underrepresented and under-served Staten Islanders. Especially for those with special needs, people of color and youth. While also creating a stronger community, along with improving Staten Island’s image from being the forgotten borough to the Unforgettable borough.
This story shows that a person’s passion and goals can be achieved, even from a weeb with a dream.

Our Team

Project Manager
Co-Con Chair/Event Coordinator
Outdoor Activities Coordinatoor
Tayler MacMillan
Convention Liason