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What is Geek Out At Staten Island?

  • A geek convention that celebrates diversity and creativity in the community

When did Geek Out At Staten Island start?

  • Our convention started in 2019 as Geek Out At Snug Harbor and then changed to Geek Out At Staten Island in 2020

What are the health and safety guidelines of GOASIcon?

  • 1) Since this is the law, every attendee, guest, staff, volunteer, panelist, vendor, etc, are mandated to wear masks. If you do not have one or left it at home we have 500 disposable masks provided by the mayor’s office which we can provide. Also, we do have a mask-making workshop, to make the mask you would like to wear more appealing.
  • 2) 6ft distance. this new outdoor space allows everyone to safely social distance, and protect everyone there. Vendors will be spread out in addition to everything else that we have. We will be using 2 stages as well as the acres of space to provide safe and activities for everyone.
  • 3) Reinforcing and mandating the mask rule. Those who have purchases tickets will be reminded as the date gets closer that masks are mandated to wear. Refusal to wear them will lead to removal from the con due to putting staff, vendors, panelists, and guests in danger. We will also have security to make sure things go smoothly.
  • 4) There will have sanitation stations at the event to keep everyone safe, clean, and healthy. COVID-19 testing truck, testing location information table and other health community resources
  • 5)Day 2 is a virtual option for those with further concerns or have travel restrictions. This is great alternative option for you to experience the convention.

What are the rules and regulation of GOASIcon?

  • No excessive nudity
  • No hate speech or profane languageĀ 
  • Acts of aggression, violence, harassment, and discrimination towards con attendees, staff, guest speakers, or performers (on and offline
  • No damage to the venue property, and any other action that breaks city or state law.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at [email protected]